​​Do's and Don'ts of Window Tinting

on 31 Aug 2021 5:00 PM

4 Tips to Take Care of Your Window Tint

Here at El Cajon Window Tinting, we love setting up customers with the perfect window tint for their vehicle. After all, “window tinting” is in our name, so we make sure we have the skills and high-quality materials to back it up.

The Benefits of Window Tinting

For the uninitiated to the world of car window tinting, the benefits of a brand-new window tint job are numerous. First of all, you’re going to see an immediate style upgrade to your vehicle’s overall aesthetic. There are now several types of window tint for drivers to select from. Not only can you get window tint in a wide variety of darkness and transparency levels, you can also select from numerous metallic and ceramic finishes for further customization.

In addition to the cool factor you get from window tint, drivers can also look forward to their vehicle maintaining cooler temps with less effort. This is due to the fact that most window tints block at least 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays that can cause heat to build up within your vehicle.

Finally, window tint is also great for privacy and concealing the interior of your car. That kind of thing comes in handy if you regularly leave laptop bags, purses, or other valuables in the car and don’t want to attract the attention of any would-be thieves.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for Brand-New Window Tint

Once you get your brand-new window tint installed, there are a few critical steps you’ll need to follow to ensure that the integrity of your window tint is maintained. Let’s break this down.

DO Keep the Windows Rolled Up

When you get brand-new tinted windows, the adhesive needs a certain amount of time to fully take hold. Although the timeframe that your window tint professional gives you may vary, you should plan on having your windows fully rolled up for at least the next two days – four at the max. In the event that you roll your windows down prematurely, you may experience bubbling or peeling with the tint.

DON’T Clean Your Windows

Much the same way you’ll want to avoid rolling your windows down for at least the first couple of days of having new tinted windows, you’ll also want to avoid any cleaning products or car washes for at least 48 hours after install. Once again, the window tint needs time to cure and bond, and cleaning products may potentially hinder that process. After a couple days have gone by, you can clean your windows using a non-abrasive cloth. Make sure you avoid using ammonia-based products because it will ruin the tint job.

DO Continue to Protect Your Windows as You Normally Would

Tinted windows protect you and the interior of the vehicle from UV rays. They do not, however, protect from scratches or damage. If you have pets with sharp nails or kids that could potentially hit the window with a toy – fair warning – window tint is scratch-resistant but by no means invincible. Don’t expect your window tint to be as protective as a Kevlar vest. It isn’t.

DON’T Worry About Cloudy Film (not immediately, anyway)

Right after you get your window tint installed, you may notice some blurriness, cloudiness, or other type of distortion that may look out of the ordinary. Don’t panic. That’s completely normal. As we mentioned previously, new window tint takes a little bit to get fully settled in and bonded on the window. If you continue to have the same problem after a few days have gone by, definitely reach back out to us and let a member of our staff know. We guarantee our work here at El Cajon Window Tinting, so we’ll do what’s necessary to make sure that your window tinting job is done right at no additional cost to you.

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Now that you know the do’s and don’ts of window tinting, all that’s left now is for you to decide which style of window tint is right for your vehicle. If you’ve been searching for terms such as “window tinting near me” then you’ve come to the right place. El Cajon is the go-to resource for window tint in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

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