5 Benefits of Installing a Dash Cam Today

on 31 Aug 2021 5:17 PM

Ways that a Dash Cam Can Protect You and Your Vehicle

Although El Cajon Window Tinting is perhaps best known for installing car window tint, we also provide installation of aftermarket car audio, car detailing services, and other accessories such as dash cams. For those not familiar with dash cams, they’ve been in regular use by law enforcement for years, but only recently have they become affordable enough for everyday folks to get them installed in their vehicles. In fact, most dash cams cost less than a couple hundred dollars now, and the quality of them is so exceptional that they can capture license plate info along with other critical information when you’re out there on the road. So, what are the benefits of having a dash cam? We’ll break down the top five reasons why you should get one installed today.

Benefit #1 - Video Proof of What Actually Happened During an Accident

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being in an automobile accident then you already know there’s a lot of back-and-forth between those involved in the accident and the insurance company that’s investigating it. Oftentimes, the drivers involved are so shaken by the event that they can misremember what actually happened, and that can lead to a lot of confusion about who’s actually at fault. However, with a dash cam installed, you – and more importantly, the insurance company – will be able to see crystal clear playback of how the accident actually transpired. By being able to provide this information means you don’t have to rely on testimony alone, which means that the insurance company can move the process along quicker.

Additionally, in the event that another driver attempts to stage an accident for fraudulent purposes, dash cam footage will show exactly what happened.

Benefit #2 – They Can Capture Evidence of a Crime or Break-In

Dash cams are now so advanced that some of them actually work in concert with your alarm system. That means that if your car is suddenly broken into (which would trigger the alarm) that the dash cam activates and begins recording. This allows you to potentially capture important information about who broke into the car along with anything in the vicinity that serves as a clue.

Benefit #3 – Keeps an Eye on Kids or Anyone Who May Be Borrowing Your Car

Obviously, if you loan your car out to someone, you want to be sure that they’re using it for the exact purposes they told you they would. If your teen driver claims they’re going to use the car to go to the movies, it’s nice to be able to check in on them so that you know they’re not up to any funny business. Yet again, this is exactly where dash cams come into play. Since most dash cams feature a GPS function, you can check in on them in real-time. Additionally, a dash cam lets the driver know their driving is being recorded; this discourages unsafe driving habits such as speeding and reckless lane changes.

Benefit #4 – A Trip Down Memory Lane

Sometimes when you’re out on the road driving cross country, you see something that catches your attention. Perhaps it’s a perfect sunset or a scenic mountain view. Whatever the case may be, dash cams are a perfect way to capture those treasured memories and store them securely for when you’re ready to download them to a computer.

Benefit #5 – Capture Interior Behavior

Oftentimes, rideshare drivers for Uber or Lyft deal with a lot of people in a wide range of situations. Unfortunately, passengers can sometimes be a little rowdy, rude, or even dangerous in some cases. If for some reason a passenger is threatening a driver, gets sick in the vehicle, or is otherwise behaving badly, your dash cam (which can be easily pointed inward to the interior) just might be your saving grace. When rideshare drivers have an incident with a passenger, the rideshare company has to investigate the issue, which can turn into a game of “he said, she said” in most cases. However, with your trusty dashcam footage, you can supply your rideshare company with proof of what really happened during the ride.

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Now that you know the benefits of dash cams, all that’s left is to schedule your installation with El Cajon Window Tinting. We have a wide variety of dash cams that are suited for any budget and vehicle type. Whether you’re a member of law enforcement, a rideshare driver, or simply someone who wants an extra pair of eyes out there on the road, El Cajon Window Tinting can get you set up with the equipment you need. Finally, as our name implies, we also do window tint in San Diego, El Cajon, and the surrounding areas.

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