The Benefits of Having Your Car Professionally Detailed

on 20 Jan 2021 10:49 PM

Car Detailing in San Diego is the Best Choice for Proper Car Maintenance

Let's face it - life gets messy sometimes. Between drive-throughs, kids eating snacks in the back, and quick midday pick-me-ups, crumbs in the car happen. Then, add the dirt, mud, gravel, leaves, sand, and anything else that our shoes might track into our cars, and our vehicles can get pretty filthy, pretty fast.

This is where a professional detailer comes to help. A detailer can get that mess of a car looking and smelling like you just drove it off of the lot for the first time. Not all detail shops are created equal, however. Trust El Cajon Window Tinting to give your car a professional cleaning like no other.

What we can detail

El Cajon Window Tinting can detail and perform professional car cleaning on much more than just your average family car. Our detailing services extend to many other vehicles including trucks, recreational vehicles, toy haulers, motorcycles, boats, aircraft, fleets of vehicles, and heavy equipment. We do it all from the smallest to the largest-sized vehicles, because we understand how important it is to keep all types of vehicles in tip-top shape. Not only will your vehicle be sparkling and shiny, but it’ll also be clean and germ-free.

The importance of detailing vehicles

The benefits of regular maintenance and detailing go far beyond just a pretty appearance - it can actually enhance your entire driving experience. Does anyone truly want to drive around in a funky-smelling vehicle that’s loaded with dirt, grime, and other germs?

If your car has a leather interior, dirt can cause damage and corrosion to the leather. This will cause the seats to wear down over time, to the point where the leather will eventually need to be replaced.

Regular detailing on a car also increases its resale value. Maintaining a vehicle in top condition allows you to get the best trade-in value or selling price when it comes time for an upgrade.

The details of detailing

A full detail is so much more than a car wash. Proper detailing service includes many processes and procedures that leave your car looking its best. When it comes to how to detail a car, we at El Cajon Window Tinting perform the following services when giving a vehicle a full detail:

  • Hand washing and waxing
  • Over-spray removal
  • Carpet shampooing and cleaning
  • Engine detailing
  • Oxidation removal
  • Buffing
  • Teflon paint sealant
  • Ceramic coating
  • Cleaning and polishing wheels
  • Interior cleaning

Each of these smaller processes come together to create the full detail. Not only does detailing clean the muck that’s already present, but some of these steps are also done to ensure that future dirt and grime don’t damage the car either.

How often is a full detail recommended?

Our customers often wonder how much time they should let pass between full details. El Cajon Window Tinting suggests that our customers take advantage of our full detailing services about once or twice a year. Sometimes, if something causes your vehicle to become dirtier than normal, more frequent full detailing services may be necessary. For example, if you hit the beach on a frequent basis and find your car filled with sand and smelling like fish, you may want to consider a detail once a quarter.

The bottom line

Many people overlook detailing as part of a regular car maintenance plan, but detailing is a necessary maintenance service for all vehicles. When thinking about vehicle maintenance, the average driver thinks about oil changes, tire rotation, alignment, fluid checks, and air pressure checks. We need to add full detailing to this list.

Not only is it nicer to sit in a clean and odor-free car, but quality car detailing also protects the vehicle from future damage by adding things like a ceramic coating to the paint so that rocks and other flying debris don't damage or scratch the paint. Damage to the exterior of your car can be a pain, not to mention expensive to fix. Protecting the exterior of your vehicle before the damage happens saves a lot of time and money.

Expert car detailing in San Diego

When it comes time for a full car detail, consider calling us here at El Cajon Window Tinting to schedule your first full detail with us. Our team of car detailers will ensure you won’t be disappointed, and your vehicle will thank you. Every cent you pay on detailing is paid back in spades when you drive a pristine, clean vehicle. Call us today at 619-988-7048 or click here to schedule a detailing appointment.