Brand Spotlight: SunTek Films

on 23 Mar 2021 5:41 PM

Professional Paint Protection and Window Tinting in El Cajon

At El Cajon Window Tinting, we proudly offer window tinting and paint protection products from SunTek Films. If the SunTek name sounds familiar, it’s probably because their company history has roots going back over a hundred years.

Originally founded in 1920, Eastman (the parent company) started out as a global specialty materials company with a focus on delivering innovative products and solutions. In the 1960’s, Eastman launched a new division of their company under the name Eastman Performance Films, LLC. They specialize in the window tinting and paint protection for automobiles, residential, and commercial applications. SunTek operates under the Eastman banner, and El Cajon Window Tinting is a certified dealer of their tinting and paint protection products for automobiles.

Paint Protection Film

The more you drive your vehicle, the more wear and tear it’s going to experience. This applies to the tires, what’s under the hood, and yes, even your paint job. Every time you take your car out you risk cosmetic damage via road debris, salt, rocks, and sand. Fortunately, the team at SunTek has a product designed to keep your ride looking flawless.

SunTek Paint Protection Films can be custom-fitted to your car, truck, or SUV to protect your paint job from getting nicked, scratched, or otherwise damaged by debris and rocks out there on the open road. SunTek uses TruCut™ pattern-cutting software to ensure that every paint protection film is a perfect fit for your exact make and model of vehicle.

The self-healing feature of the SunTek Paint Protection Film is what makes this product stand out. Using a proprietary top coat, the majority of cosmetic damage will mend itself when exposed to a heat source such as the sun, a warm engine, and even warm water. SunTek Paint Protection also features a hydro-resistant top coat, which means that your paint job will hold up better against water and any potential staining from dirt or mud.

SunTek Paint Protection Film is available in matte, glossy, and high gloss altered black (for a more custom look). This product comes with a minimum five-year warranty.

Window Tinting

There are so many benefits to window tinting. First and foremost, it elevates the aesthetic of the vehicle. Tinted windows simply look cooler. Beyond that, window tinting also helps control the temperature in your car by filtering out sunlight, which really comes in handy on hot days. That also takes some of the pressure of your A/C unit. Finally, window tinting provides vehicle owners with more security and privacy. You can leave your valuables in the car without worry that they’ll catch the interest of would-be car thieves.

At El Cajon Window Tinting, we’re able to offer all of the different window tinting options from the SunTek brand. They include Ceramic Tints, Carbon Tints, Metal-Dyed Tints, Dyed Charcoal Tints, Mirror Tints, and Clear Tints. We can guarantee that you’ll find something you like.

The majority of the tints from the SunTek line offer at least 98% protection from UV rays, which not only protects your skin, but also helps with maintaining comfortable temperatures. Each style of tint also comes with several options for the level of darkness you want, so you can choose from a range starting with a transparent tint to completely blacked out. And don’t worry about your cell phone or GPS going on the fritz when using these tints. The metal-free film ensures that your electronic devices and anything else that uses a signal won’t be compromised.

Since El Cajon Window Tinting is an official dealer for SunTek, we have access to their TruCut™ pattern-cutting software to ensure that the tint you get is tailor-made for your vehicle. We guarantee that your window tint will fit perfectly.

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