How to Choose a Quality Vinyl Wrap for Your Car

on 20 Jan 2021 10:59 PM

A Whole Car Vinyl Wrap Provides Added Protection and a Custom Look

We’ve all been there - a sleek car goes zipping past you, and you immediately notice its slick custom paint job. Upon further inspection, you realize it’s not a custom paint job at all, but a vinyl car wrap. As it cruises into the horizon, you’re left wondering how and where you can achieve this same professional, customized look for our own vehicle.

If you’re unfamiliar with vinyl wraps for cars, you may find yourself with a number of questions about the logistics of the product itself, as well as the installation process. Here, our team of vinyl car wrap installation experts discuss the use of vinyl wraps for cars and why you might consider this customization for your vehicle.

What is a vinyl car wrap?

A vinyl wrap for cars is a type of PVC film that covers either certain body parts of the car, or the entire vehicle itself, depending on your design vision. These PVC films come in a variety of technical specifications, styles, and price points. The vinyl has an adhesive backing that affixes perfectly to the contours of your vehicle and protects it from the elements and road hazards. The chief advantage of vinyl wraps is that you get a brand-new look at a fraction of the price of a custom paint job, while allowing for unlimited, unique design choices.

The most-utilized products we use here at El Cajon Window Tinting come from the leaders in vinyl car applications - 3M and Avery. Plus, our quality installation translates into the perfect appearance and fit for your vehicle.

What are the advantages of vinyl car wrap installation?

El Cajon Window Tinting has specialized in vinyl car wrapping for years. Our customers know the significant advantages gained from the application of car vinyl wraps, particularly when installed by our in-house team of experts. Given the sunny weather across much of southern California, a vinyl car wrap helps to protect your investment by providing a significant barrier to the sun.

Vinyl wraps are also an active shield against chips and scratches that naturally occur when driving on highways and interstates. No longer will you worry about your vehicle being damaged because of the impact from rocks, insects, road oil, and tar. A professionally installed vinyl car wrap will protect your car’s paint against these naturally occurring issues and keep your vehicle looking flawless.

An added bonus? The price point of vinyl wraps is equal to that of many conventional bug shields, yet offer a much wider spectrum of protection while providing your vehicle a significantly sexier appearance.

What applications are there for vinyl car wraps?

While most consumers identify vinyl wrapping for cars as a large-scale advertising and marketing platform for many national brands, there are a myriad of different uses that are significantly more refined than a full-body, technicolor wrap that serves as an advertisement for the latest energy drink.

In our experience, custom design choices are used for many different reasons, ranging from business and franchise operations, graphic design, contractors, fleet graphics for cities and communities, and private uses, such as vehicle design enhancements.

How to choose the right vinyl wrap

At El Cajon Window Tinting, we know your car is your baby. That’s why we use top-of-the-line vinyl products from 3M and Avery. These PVC film products feature specific plasticizers and additives to give our wraps the flexibility and color pigmentation for any custom design you can dream up. For enhanced durability - which is especially useful in southern California, with its intense sunlight - we add special UV absorbers and heat stabilizers to thwart the intense impact of the sun’s heat. Plus, these UV absorbers and heat stabilizers allow for an even better contour fit across your entire vehicle.

While some shops use vinyl that comes ready on rolls (which is then stretched over the contours of your vehicle), the key disadvantage here is that the material is more difficult to shape across the contours and curves of the vehicle, creating the potential for shrinkage, or a poor fit overall.

Because the quality of material can truly make or break a vinyl wrap job, our team at El Cajon Window Tinting only use the most advanced professional quality products to ensure your total satisfaction. Our quality full-vehicle wraps have an average lifespan of five years, and at a price point that is significantly lower than that of a custom paint job.

And for our customers who are more environmentally minded, we even have wrap options from Envision wrap films, which are manufactured with no PVC additives.

Where can I achieve the best professional results for my vinyl car wrap?

Here at El Cajon Window Tinting, we pride ourselves as being the industry leaders in southern California in car vinyl wrapping for both professional and personal vehicle applications. We carry a full array of top-quality products and are happy to advise you on which product fits your specific design, style, and budget.

Speaking of which...

We feature special fleet pricing packages for corporations and municipalities and are happy to talk about custom wraps that will streamline your entire fleet without breaking the bank.

Regardless of your needs, we look forward to welcoming you to our showroom, conveniently located close to San Diego, off Broadway in El Cajon. Visit us in-store or contact us today to start talking about custom design options.